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Help!!! Halloween!

Dear LJ oracle, I need your help!
I am doing the boy´s Halloween outfit which will be a Victorian suit. It´s my first one so I´m a bit clueless now: it is a double-breasted frockcoat which I want to look like these ones here (top three pics). You see that these gentlemen are wearing their frockcoats open, and although they are double-breasted there is not too much bulk at the the sides. How is that possible?? The toile I made will only fit if you button it, and there is way too much fabric bulk if you don´t. Look:
If I just took away some material at the sides it wouldn´t be possible to button it anymore, plus the waistseams would point downwards at the centre front. I am confused!! Is there any way I can make it double-breasted and wear it open and still have it look nicely fitted? Or do I just have to settle for single breasted then?
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