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documentary about corsets and tightlacing


I'm a film-maker living in Toronto, and I'm working on a documentary project with Sheridan college about the art of corset making and modern tight lacing culture.
We are filming for the next four months and currently looking for anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences with corsets and waist training . We already have a few of Toronto's most notable corsetiers on board.
Any newbies in the community who would like invite us to share their adventure would also be great!

You can email me at for more info on the project, or call at 416 453 9307

We are looking for people in and around Toronto for now, but any input from anywhere is much appreciated. Also anyone who just wants to do an off-camera interview, please get in touch, it would still be great to hear about your experiences.

Info on me:

I just made my first corset this summer!  I want more people to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into constructing a safe and beautiful corset!  I also want to understand  the corset as a garment that truly celebrates the body and the community that welcomes anyone and everyone, and the corsetiers that accommodate any body type into their engineering and artistry.

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

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