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LiveJournal for victorian sewing.

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Monday, September 10th, 2012

Posted by:ellymeri.
Time:11:44 am.
Last night I started the task of cleaning out my Vintage/Antique books and sewing patterns. I made it through 1 shelf.

I am offering quite a few books and ORIGINAL patterns from the 1870s-1880s for sale. I am asking below what they sell for on ebay. I have them listed in my ETSY SHOP.

I am willing to give a 10% discount if you would like to skip etsy and just use paypal. Items are shipped within 48 hrs of receipt of payment.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Friday, October 21st, 2011

Subject:Antique Silk Victorian Log Cabin Quilt for sale!
Posted by:ellymeri.
Time:11:25 am.
See it on etsy!

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Monday, September 19th, 2011

Subject:Bustle Skirt
Posted by:ellymeri.
Time:4:55 pm.
Last week I designed a Bustle skirt.I used one of the vintage fabrics I've been holding onto for awhile. The color is a really nice lilac.

You can see details in my etsy listing.

Steampunk Victorian Bustle


Steampunk Victorian Bustle Skirt
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Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Subject:I need someone to make my Victorian-inspired wedding dress!
Posted by:lilacmarzipan.
Time:7:00 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
 I'm looking for someone who's experienced in making corsets and working with silks, with knowledge of historic fashion, to create my late Victorian-inspired wedding dress!  You need to be within around 150 miles of New York City or Philadelphia so I can come for fittings.  This is a great opportunity to create a beautiful dress to add to your portfolio and make money (as well as make me super-happy!).  Please email me at jeanieg88@gmail.com to tell me about your qualifications and discuss the rough sketches I have of the dress as well as pay.

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Friday, September 24th, 2010

Posted by:sarhaclembys.
Time:12:44 pm.

I want to make the green bows on the dress on the right.  Does anyone have a best guess of what the measurements would be?  Thanks!

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Subject:Calling all Costumers!
Posted by:bostonbabydolls.
Time:3:17 pm.
Calling all costume enthusiasts! April 2nd through the 4th, The Great Burlesque Exposition and Vintage Fashion Fair will be taking place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel (575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA) and you should join in the fun at our Historic Costume Exhibit, Classes, and Dealer's Room!

This year’s costume exhibit features costumes from the famous burlesque dancer and actress Ann Corio. Born in Connecticut, she is an American burlesque icon. She was a star performer at clubs such as the famous Minsky's Burlesque and Boston's old Howard Theatre.

Between 1941 and 1944 she appeared in several Hollywood "B" motion pictures which featured her in scanty costumes, 1941 "Swamp woman" the best known of which was perhaps 1942's Jungle Siren opposite Buster Crabbe. In 1944 she made "Call of the Jungle" and "Sarong Girl" With the Second World War on, she became one of the volunteer pinup girls for YANK magazine, appearing in the September 3, 1943 issue of the weekly U.S. Army publication.

Corio had a long successful career dancing on stage. In 1965, she put together the Broadway show This Was Burlesque which she directed and in which also performed. In 1968, she wrote a book using that same title.

On display throughout The Vintage Fashion Fair, the Costume Exhibit is included with your admission. Please make sure to take the time to admire this unique collection.
It’s not enough to just look at costumes! We’ve got classes on making, improving, saving, and even buying costumes.
Caring for your Costumes: Burlesque performers are known for their lavish costumes. After spending so much time and money on your costumes, give them the care they deserve. Learn tips and tricks that museum professionals use for cleaning and storing your costumes. If you collect vintage garments, there’s plenty of useful information for you too!
Handsewing 101: A fast and easy Shimmy belt project that demonstrates several techniques and issues involved with hand stitching. Students will leave with a custom Shimmy Belt of their own making, and a better understanding of stitch work and process
Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling: Learn how to make Pasties, those wonderfully sparkly beauties that no burlesque performer can be without. In this class you will learn how to make and decorate them yourself as well as how to make those tassels twirl! The best part comes when you get to leave with your own pair!

The Expo is a great place to show off your favorite creations and learn how to make more. There will also be plenty of vendors to browse through for ready-made costumes and the perfect accessories. Plus, you get the bonus karma of having made Cambridge a better-dressed place, if only for a weekend.

April 2nd-4th 2010
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA
For tickets and more information, please see our website
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Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Subject:Pleated Ruffles
Posted by:sarhaclembys.
Time:11:59 am.
Did ladies ball gowns have pleated ruffles or just regular ruffles during 1865-1869?  I'm having a hard time finding info or pictures on this.
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Friday, March 5th, 2010

Subject:Supplies for sale
Posted by:lutine.
Time:7:51 pm.
I just lost my job and I have a lot of gift-giving occasions coming up. I'm re-posting these sales posts in hopes of getting a little extra cash. :) All prices are negotiable, make an offer!

Crafty supplies, including fabric

Sewing patterns for sale, many Victorian ones
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Monday, March 1st, 2010

Subject:fashions of the gilded age
Posted by:necra_kitty.
Time:4:41 pm.

Just enlarged a pattern from Frances Grimble's fashions of the gilded age, wondering if anyone has made anything up from this book before and could tell me if the patterns you enlarge without using the apportioning scales have seam allowence included or do I add it myself?

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Subject:looking for photos
Posted by:kittensandsteam.
Time:1:17 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
For a fashion article in the upcoming 11th edition of the Gatehouse Gazette I am looking for Victoriental fashion photos.

If you have a photo (please only submit photos you are allowed to, we don't want to get into problems concerning copyright!) you would like to see published alongside a fashion article, please leave it in a comment or send it my way on the following address: hildekitten@gmail.com

I'll pass all the submissions to the chief editor and he'll choose as many as he deems appropriate, so I can't guarantee publication (just being honest about that part!).

Many thanks!

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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Subject:Post Civil War Dresses/Patterns
Posted by:sarhaclembys.
Time:12:49 pm.
I want to make a formal gown from this time period and am having difficulty finding helpful resources on this era (1865-1869).  Any suggestions?

Thank you!
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Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Subject:Jekyll and Hyde in NYC needs a few good hands
Posted by:requiemkept.
Time:7:26 pm.
SPONGE theatricals is seeking costumers, seamstresses, and hot-glue ninjas for their first musical, a very Gothic production of Frank Wildhorn's Jekyll and Hyde.

It is a non-equity production, so we are not able to offer monetary compensation at this time, however we will do everything in our power to help you out in any way that we can such as advertising for your business or etsy store in our program, networking, resume building, product photography, and baked goods.

The Production goes up the last weekend in January at the Wings Theater, New York City.

If you are interested please email us at spongetheatricals@gmail.com.

amateurs, students, and bored people welcome!

Lora Massey, Technical Advisor, Sponge Theatricals www.ilovemysponge.com
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Monday, December 7th, 2009

Subject:ribbon corset
Posted by:labellefairy.
Time:3:46 pm.
Hello, i am new ti this community and thought i would post a picture of my most recent work, it is an adaption of a ribbon corset...
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Friday, November 20th, 2009

Subject:Sewing patterns for sale
Posted by:lutine.
Time:5:04 am.
I'm selling a lot of sewing patterns, all of them uncut/new in envelope. Mostly historical costumes, but some others. Many out-of-print. Burda, Butterick, McCalls, New Look, Simplicity, and Vogue.

Nearly 40 patterns available at my journal.
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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Subject:Victoriana wedding gown
Posted by:kittensandsteam.
Time:10:23 am.
Mood: tired.
I was in an antique shop* in Antwerp (Belgium) last Friday, and saw this GORGEOUS Victoriana wedding gown.
So I HAD to get some pictures.

I don't know what it costs, I was afraid I'd fall over backwards from hearing the price.

* Don't ask me for the name of the shop, I totally forgot.

photos be hereCollapse )
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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Subject:Question about Victorian fashion
Posted by:beadylady.
Time:10:35 pm.
Hi there--I just joined today! I am reading A.S. Byatt's new book, "The Children's Book," and there is a line where a man thinks the main character is not comfy iin corsets etc., and that she probably wears "rational dress" or a "Liberty gown" at home.

Can anyone tell me what that is? What did it mean to do so? Any links to photos would also be great! Thanks!
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Subject:documentary about corsets and tightlacing
Posted by:anamabbas.
Time:3:56 pm.

I'm a film-maker living in Toronto, and I'm working on a documentary project with Sheridan college about the art of corset making and modern tight lacing culture.
We are filming for the next four months and currently looking for anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences with corsets and waist training . We already have a few of Toronto's most notable corsetiers on board.
Any newbies in the community who would like invite us to share their adventure would also be great!

You can email me at anamabbas@gmail.com for more info on the project, or call at 416 453 9307

We are looking for people in and around Toronto for now, but any input from anywhere is much appreciated. Also anyone who just wants to do an off-camera interview, please get in touch, it would still be great to hear about your experiences.

Info on me:

I just made my first corset this summer!  I want more people to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into constructing a safe and beautiful corset!  I also want to understand  the corset as a garment that truly celebrates the body and the community that welcomes anyone and everyone, and the corsetiers that accommodate any body type into their engineering and artistry.

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Subject:suggested bustle pattern for prom
Posted by:ravenztarot.
Time:6:50 pm.
Does anyone have any suggested bustle patterns for prom that a not to experience sewer can do?


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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Subject:Help!!! Halloween!
Posted by:nehelenia78.
Time:7:32 pm.
Mood: confused.
Dear LJ oracle, I need your help!
I am doing the boy´s Halloween outfit which will be a Victorian suit. It´s my first one so I´m a bit clueless now: it is a double-breasted frockcoat which I want to look like these ones here (top three pics). You see that these gentlemen are wearing their frockcoats open, and although they are double-breasted there is not too much bulk at the the sides. How is that possible?? The toile I made will only fit if you button it, and there is way too much fabric bulk if you don´t. Look:
If I just took away some material at the sides it wouldn´t be possible to button it anymore, plus the waistseams would point downwards at the centre front. I am confused!! Is there any way I can make it double-breasted and wear it open and still have it look nicely fitted? Or do I just have to settle for single breasted then?
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Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Subject:Historical Fashions Blog
Posted by:fayethefaery.
Time:3:03 pm.
I started a Historical Fashions picture blog over on Tumblr today! You don't have to be a member to see the photos, so feel free to bookmark it and check it often - posts are queued and every hour a new photo is posted automatically. If you ARE member of Tumblr, feel free to join and post! Let me know how you like it :) This includes the Victorian era along with others - I am using fashions from the Middle Ages all the way up to the 1950s (and occasionally special circumstances for any garments later).


x-posted around
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LiveJournal for victorian sewing.

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